Friday, June 12, 2015

Total Tea

I was sent this product to review about three weeks ago! It is easy to make and tastes great! It gives me a natural little pick me up when I want a nice hot glass of tea!  

This tea is supposed to be a detox tea and to be quite honest I haven't experienced any detox effects with this tea so I am not sure honestly if it does detox but I can tell you that it does aid in digestion! My stomach has never felt better since drinking this tea! You can make it so it is hot or cold and it still tastes delicious! I prefer this tea hot! 

The taste is smooth and no need to add any extra sweeteners to it! I think it is a little on the pricey side but if you have the money it is worth it! If your interested in this product all you need to do is click HERE to head on over to Amazon.

** I received this product for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Brillante Manual Coffee Grinder

I have been looking and looking all over the place for a new coffee grinder and then I received an opportunity to review this Manual Coffee Grinder from Billante! This product is made from Stainless steel which not only makes it look nice but makes the grinder very durable! This grinder is easy to use and grinds perfectly. 

As far as manual grinders go the speed was great and compared well with other manual grinders. This product is easy to clean, dry and put together and take apart! You can even take the handle off for easy storage. The price is fantastic and I would have no issues returning to this company as a regular consumer to purchase another grinder.

Interested in purchasing this product you can click HERE.

 ** This product was received either at no or very low cost for review and inspection purposes No compensation for a positive review was provided. All of my reviews are based 100% off of my experience with the product and I never guarantee a positive review

Everlast VP

I am waiting for this company to contact me about a coupon code to add to my review to give my followers a discount but since this is a Tomoson Review a post needs to be made with in a certain amount of time. 

I thought this protein powder was yummy and worked well when added to my Smoothies but one thing I don't think companies understand is that Bloggers or other reviewers can not say anything about benefits or how this will work long term on a sample that is not big enough for more than one or two drinks. If you would like more information on this product all you need to do is click HERE.

** I received this product at NO COST for review and Inspection purposes!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Natural Shoe Odor Eliminator Giveaway Smells AMAZING!!!!

Time for a little giveaway! Who wants to win some Shoe Odor Eliminator all you need to do be eligible is subscribe to my blog by email and comment on this post when you are done!!! EASY PEASY RIGHT?? 

I will let you know that I just tried this stuff and it is AMAZING I will be buying it again at full price!This is a sponsored giveaway which means the sponsor is completely responsible to get you your prize! If your ready to win get to subscribing and commenting and I will pick a winner this evening. Good Luck to everyone. If you would like more information on this product you can click HERE.

All Natural Shoe Odor Eliminator Review

So my boys have some stinky stanky feet and I am always trying to find things to refresh their shoes up a little bit but haven't had the best of luck! It seems like whatever I get just makes the swamp feet smell a billion times worse!

I was contacted by this company to do a review of their all natural shoe odor eliminator and will be honest after everything I have tried I really did not have very high hopes for a "natural" product working but I spray the boys shoes with this every night after they fall asleep with this and their shoes have been smelling 90% better since!

 I also have used this as an air freshener and it works great at neutralizing the air around you and making the room smell all lemony fresh! As an active Blogger I was sent this product for free to review and inspect but I would definitely have no issues buying this for full price.

If your interested in purchasing this product you can do so HERE.