Monday, March 30, 2015

Solar Powered Do It Yourself Kit

** Received for review and inspection purposes **


I received shipping confirmation with in a couple hours of ordering and then received the product with in two days! When this arrived my oldest son was Stoked when he seen it and immediately want to put it together! He is 12 years old and he had it together with in ten minutes! My son is a perfectionist so he wanted to cut the pieces so they lined up the way he liked them but you dont have too! Basically the only tools he used was his little saw on his pocket knife and a hammer! 

We did put the WindMill directly on the porch in broad daylight to get it to work! It sat there for about 15 minutes gave the propellor a little nudge and it started going! All in all I am very happy with the quality of this product and my son LOVED it so I couldnt be happier! I would definitely recommend to friends and family and will be checking back for some other cool DIY kits. Interested in purchasing your own? Go HERE.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Bioque Vitamin K1 Review

** Received for review and inspection purposes *

I received a complimentary bottle of Bioque  Vitamin K1 directly from the seller! They sent this bottle to me with in days of me speaking to them! I have anemia due to taking blood thinners daily and I get HUGE bruises all over me! The bruises usually take weeks and weeks to go away!

The bottle is 3.5 oz and you only need to apply a little bit for it to work so this bottle will last a while! The serum is greaseless and absorbs quickly into your skin. There isn't too much of a smell at all which was nice! I was kind of worried it would smell very medicated or too lotiony! 

Bioque started working pretty quickly! I could actually tell a difference in not only the size of my bruises but also how long they were lasting fairly quickly! My anemia is so bad that I have had brusises that lasts for months! After using this for a few days they started to fade! I am so impressed with this product! I absolutely LOVE it and will continue to use it? Need more information or want to purchase some? Go HERE.

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above in exchange for review from Giveaway Service website. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Reference ID: pmdef130d0b67eb38b7a8f4e7121ed432c

Staying Healthy With Areda

** Received for review and inspection puposes **

I received a shipping confirmation with in two hours! These arrived to my house in 2 days because I ordered with Amazon Prime! They came in a box that had the container of strips and a pamplet about how to use the strips. I liked that these are really the only strips that you need and they are so easy to use!

These test for things like Leukocytes, Nitritem Urobilinogen, Protein, ph, Blood, Specific Gravity, Bilirubin, and Glucose! I actually wonder quicte a bit about certain things and with these I can pretty easily tell if something is out of whack in my body! I don't use these every day only will I feel like something may be off! So the bottle of 50 Strips will last a while! For all the different things these strips cover the price is more than fair! With the quality of the product, customer service, and the great price I am giving these a 5 star review! Need more information or want to purchase? Go HERE.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Perfect Cup Of Espresso In A Few Short Minutes

**Received for inspection and review purposes**

I ordered this product and had a shipping confirmation really quickly! This was delivered 2 days later by USPS! I was so excited when this arrived because I am a HUGE coffee drinker! I love it I have been searching for an Espresso machine for a while because my daughter ended up breaking mine but didn't like any of the prices so I decided to hold off until I could find one for a reasonable price! I am so happy I did because I just absolutely LOVE this little StovetopEspresso Pot!


It brews you up a delicious pot of Espresso in a matter of a few minutes! Its easy to clean and I can even take it camping with me! The price on this is OUTSTANDING because this is made so well! I was very impressed with the durability and the craftsmanship of the product! I love that it makes 6 cups so all I have to do is make the pot and warm it up and I have my coffee for the day! I would absolutely recommend this product! Looking to order one? Go HERE.

Kabel DIrekt Ultra HD HDMI Switch 3x1

** Received for review and inspection purposes **

 I received this very quickly after ordering! This arrived via UPS with other items I ordered from Amazon. This is my first HDMI switch that I have owned and I really like the durability of this! For the low listing price I really was not expecting something of this quality! I had  no idea what this was even used for until my husband very quickly claimed it and showed me! This did a great job at keeping all of our cords in one spot! 

The cables fit great into the ports! There was no wiggling or having to pull on them to get them out! Picture was clear and so was the sound quality! My husband and son who are the tech people in my house fell in love with it! They were sad that I only ordered one and wanted me to come back for the rest of the televisions in the house! If you would like more information or to purchase one all you need to do is GO HERE.

Looking for some sexy fun? Try Healthy Vibes

 **Received for inspection and review purposes **

I received a shipping confirmation with in hours and this Toy was delivered to me in two days! I was so excited to receive this because getting new sexy toys to me is like Christmas! When I opened the discreet package it came in I was happy to see a very realistic looking toy! When I say realistic looking I mean this toy had it all! The testicles, shaft, tip, and even a very realistic meatus!

The size was definitely 6 inches and it had just the right amount of girth to it! There is a suction cup on the bottom of it so you can use this bad boy in the shower, chair, floor, basically anyplace! The feel of the dildo is soft and moves with your body! My overall experience with this toy was amazing and I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to spice their life up a little! Want to buy one or get more information? Go HERE

Friday, March 27, 2015

Everything you need to make the perfect drink

** Received for review and inspection purposes **

These were shipped to me so fast! I was totally shocked to see that these came the very next day after ordering! When I opened the package I was pleasantly surprised! I was really excited that it was all Stainless steel so it would go great in my kitchen! Included in the package was everything I needed to make awesome drinks there was a Stainless Steel Bartender Martini Shaker, Cocktail Bar Tool Set, with Strainer Corkscrew Bottle Opener, Jigger ,Ice Tongs, and Storage Rack.

Not only do I love this but everyone who has seen it loves it! It is the best addition to my little home bar ever! The price is great for the quality of the items. I am one hundred percent pleased with this product and really hope to come back and purchase more great things from Cuisine Prefere in the future. Need more information or want to purchase one? Go HERE.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Pefect Accessory For Any Hawaiian Themed Party

** received for review and inspection purposes **

This is not my first order from Kangaroo Manufacturing! I always look forward to inspecting and reviewing all the cool things they come out with! These Leis are just too AWESOME! They come with enough to get any party started! We are planning a Hawaiian Themed Summer Party and these are PERFECT!  

The only problem I had with these was that my daughter seen them and fell IN LOVE with them so now I have to buy some more for our party but at 50 cents a piece you will not get a better deal anywhere! Every product I have tried from Kangaroo Manufacturing has been of great quality and I look forward to coming back in the future. Looking to order some? Go HERE.

Diamond Dental System! First time oil pull review

** Received for inspection and review purposes **

Okay so I have heard a lot about oil pulling but actually never tried it before I received this bottle for inspection. I was really quite scared because the thought of swishing oil in your mouth for 15 to 20  minutes just is not a turn on to me AT ALL!  Once receiving the bottle I figured now was as good as and put about a teaspoon in my mouth and started swish, swish, swishing.

The oil is well OILY but it does not feel as weird as you would think and it really does not tast bad at all! It tastes minty and clean! After swishing for about 15 minutes I rinsed my mouth, brushed my teeth, and rinsed my mouth again. My mouth FELT GREAT! I have only had this a short time so far but I could tell after a couple uses that my teeth already looked whiter. I liked that its all NATURAL and no chemicals what so ever! I am a HUGE fan now and definitely will continue using. If you would like more information or to purchase this brand all you need to do is head on over to AMAZON by clicking HERE.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Hunting I Will GO! Solar Powered Backpack Review

** Received for review and inspection purposes **

I actually received this Solar Charger Backpack a day earlier than expected which was really nice! It was delivered by UPS with other items I ordered from Amazon. I honestly can not believe how cool this bad boy is! A solar powered back pack! You have got to be kidding me right? The thought of being able to go hunting for Sasquatch in the Pacific Northwest without ever having to worry about my electronics dying puts tingles down my spine.

The material to the backpack is thick and durable! This back pack should last a long long time! It's spacious enough to fit a lunch, some hiking supplies, a change of clothes and since there is a hydration pack included in it you will never ever have to worry about being thirsty! The solar charger has the capacity to charge two things at once so you can charge your phone and camera or what ever your favorite electronic is!  I was surprised at how fast this actually charges! This was my first solar powered charger device so the whole thing just kind of blew my mind! After being able to try this out there is NO WAY that I would ever be caught without one again!! Want more information or to purchase your own? All you need to do is go HERE.

Olivia Branch 1800 Prime Collection Bed Sheet Set

** Received for review and testing purposes**

I received a shipping confirmation with in 24 hours and my order with in two days as promised with Amazon Prime! I have to admit I was a little worried after reading some of the reviews for these! When these arrived the first thing I did was take them out of the package and feel them! They were really soft to the touch!

The White Queen Sheet Set  it fit my bed perfectly! There was no struggle getting it on and once on it stayed on! I am not sure what was up with all the negative reviews. In my opinion this was a great sheet set! If I had to critique something it would be to change the description from white to off white because the sheets were not pure white other than that I am 100% satisfied with my order and I would recommend Olivia Branch to any of my friends and family! Want more information? Go HERE

Chapped Lips? Check out my new go to Lip Balm!

**Received for review and inspection purposes**

I received shipping confirmation within a couple hours after ordering this product! I was going to wait a while to try it and write my review but I was so excited after trying this that I wanted to write my review right away! The Lip Balm arrived in a plastic package and there was 4 of them all together. I have tried LOTS and LOTS of different kinds of Lip Balms and spent a ton of money on them!!!

I am not even joking when I say that this is the MOST AMAZING LIP BALM my lips have ever had the pleasure of trying! This absorbs immediately into your lips leaving them silky smooth! The Lip Balm tastes great! It has a minty honey flavor and gives your lips a refreshing tingle! It's pretty safe to say that this Lip Balm beats ANY OTHER one that I have tried! I am absolutely in love with it!!!  I would definitely recommend trying this brand out if you haven't yet? You can get more information or place an order HERE.

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SF Ware Repair MOV Files Giveaway Put on By the Sponsor! He is allowing me to provide you with the giveaway and the sponsor will be responsible  for all prizes! I will be gathering contact information when it is over!!! You have approximately 2 hours to

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SFWare Repair MOV File utility is built to fix problems with unresponsive MOV files and make them playable. Either hardware or software issues of device corrupts MOV file on different storage devices. The MOV file might show error after corruption and refuse to play. The great built-in scanning mechanism of the tool is capable for repairing severely corrupt files. It comes in different editions for Windows OS and Mac OS X users separately.
Features And Scenarios
  • Fixes severely corrupted and truncated MOV files
    It supports repairing even large sized MOV files
    Repairs damaged MOV files unplayable on QuickTime
    Implements automated process to fix MOV by separating video and audio data streams and line them up in such a way that it should be playable
    Fixes MOV files corrupted due to firmware issue on devices using which the videos are shot
    Allows you to preview repaired MOV file on your system

  • Interruption of MOV file transfer process from one drive to the other computer drive due to sudden power surges or loose connection in externally connected device participating in MOV file transfer will lead to corrupt MOV file
    Using unreliable editing tools on MOV file leaves it broken
    Turning off camera immediately after shooting a video or abrupt shutdown of the electronic device due to low battery
    Removing media storage card from cameras or camcorders without turning them off the camera or abruptly disconnecting electronic devices from computers also leads to MOV file corruption
    Virus infection to MOV file on any device damages it
    Not using trustworthy programs to convert MOV video file format
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    Sudden system shutdown due to power failure or bumping into power button accidentally when MOV file on the computer is in use
Why Us?
SFWare Repair MOV File has simple guidelines on the screens and you can get back MOV files to playable state with three simple steps. It is read only software and hence it will not damage the original MOV file contents. You can use the SFWare Repair MOV file for unlimited period and get free updates on purchased version. It provides you 24x7 technical support for the users.
System Requirements

For Mac:

  • Operating Systems– Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard (64-bit), 10.7 Lion (64-bit), 10.8 Mountain Lion (64-bit) and 10.9 Mavericks (64-bit)
    RAM – 1 GB (Min), 2 GB or more (Recommended)
    Disk Space – 50 MB free space (for Installation)
    System Type – Only 64-bit
    File Systems – HFS+, HFSX, FAT
For Windows:
  • Operating Systems– Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and 2008
    RAM –1 GB (Min)
    Disk Space – 50 MB free space (for Installation)
    System Type – 32-bit and 64-bit
    File Systems – NTFS, FAT

SF Ware Repair MOV Files Review

** I received this product at little or no cost **

<a href="" rel="nofollow"><img style="display: none" src="" /></a>

I would really love to say that I am in love with this product but that is not the case I have several questions about the product and have written quite a few emails to the company and have received no answers! I will up date this blogpost when I receive an email back because I really hate to leave negative reviews on any product that I receive. This was report was due and as not to lose points to my account it was necessary to write this Blog Post. Hopefully everything will get cleared up right away and my opinion will change.

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ReflectX Shower Mirror In Red!

** Received for review and inspection purposes **

<a href="" rel="nofollow"><img style="display: none" src="" /></a>

As an active Blogger I received this product for no cost! this Mirror On A Rope was shipped to me very quickly! I thought this would be great for my husband because he is always shaving in the shower! It completely drives me insane but I love him so I deal with it! You can adjust the mirror so it is at the appropriate level for your height! You can easily see yourself in it even when in a hot steamy shower.

Its easy to clean, the rope is strong, and it comes with a cool velour carry bag! My husband said this is by far his favorite one that I have got him and I have purchased at least six other ones for him! Overall I would highly recommend this product to family and friends! I do however wish it came with an automatic zapper that zapped him every time he forgot to clean his facial hair out of the shower. Just Joking, kind of.

Want to purchase one or find out more information? Go HERE.

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A Stroller Bag That Will Fit Everything You Need!

** Received for review and inspection purposes**

This item was shipped to be directly from the seller to inspect and review! The seller provided me with all my tracking information and was very polite and made sure I recieved my item. When the Travel Diaper Bag arrived it arrived via UPS with a couple other bags that I plan on reviewing! 

The material of the bag is thick and durable! It's definitelly large enough to keep everything in! I can fit a ton of diapers, wipes, a can of formula, a couple bottles, meds , extra clothes in it and still have a lot of room left over.

I had no issues attaching to the stroller and once attached it stayed there without any problems! For cleaning I just took some spray and a rag to it and it came out fine! I am not sure how it would stand up in the washer but its pretty durable so I dont think there would be any issues. Overall I am extremely pleased with the quality of the bag and would have no problems returning to Damai in the future. Want more information? Go HERE. Want to check out the other items in the store? Go HERE.

High Quality Formal Kids Clothing At A Great Price

**Received for review and inspection purposes **

Within a couple hours after ordering I received a shipping confirmation via email! I didn't have to wait long at all for my item to arrive! It was on my doorstep in 2 days! When I pulled the 2 Piece Vest Set out of the bag I was shocked to see the color of the vest was a lot nicer than actually shown on the picture here! I chose the Violet in Large for my nephew who is coming to spend Easter with us!

The size was right on and the material was great quality! The buttons are sewed on tightly and securely! The Paisley Patter on the vest gives it a nice texture and makes it really pop!  I haven't had the chance to give it to my nephew yet but I know he is going to look absolutely darling in it. The price really surprised me for the quality of the Vest Set! I haven spent a ton of money in Department Stores and Suit Shops in the past for the same quality items. I am completely satisfied with my order and would highly recommend to anyone that wants quality kids clothing at a great price.  Need more information or want to order? Go HERE.
You can also check out  Kids Dream Store on Amazon where they have other great priced high quality kids clothes HERE.

Lalaloopsy Bed Tent With Push Light

** Item purchased with a DEEP discount and no  promise of review **

I ordered this for my little girl I knew right away this would be something that she would absolutely LOVE! My oldest daughter ended up setting this up for her sister! She had it put together in about 20 minutes! I don't think it would have taken that long if the little one wasn't bugginh her every couple minutes.

My daughter ABSOLUTELY loved this once put together and did not want to even get out of the Bed Tent! The quality of the tent is okay! Its a childs tent for under fifty dollars so to me it was worth the money!  Mine did come with the light but I had no batteries on hand so I cant really say how that works yet!

Shipping and delivery went well! I had this in a little over a week! I am satisfied with the quality and the best thing of all is my child absolutely ADORES it!!!!! I would go back and purchase from this company again without hesitations! I am including some photos so that everyone can see what the finished product looks like! Want to order one or get more information? GO HERE

Wireless Doorbell Review

** Received for review and inspection purposes **

I received shipping confirmation shipping confirmation shortly after placing my order.  When the system arrived it came in a package with the doorbell, the remote, and a singular battery for the remote. It did not come with the 2 AA batteries needed for the remote. I was going to have my husband install it because I am just horrible at putting things together but it really didn't look that difficult to do so I gave it a try.

It took me about 15 minutes to install it! Yes 15 minutes I am sure just about ANYONE in the world can do it quicker than that but I just don't have that knack for putting things together! I was actually THRILLED it only took 15 for me to figure it out! the sound quality was really good! The sound was clear and loud enough to hear! I was impressed with the 16 different sounds that it has! 

My overall opinion was for the price of this product the quality is great! I think these were on sales for less than 20 dollars at the time I ordered which was a steal!!!!! I would definitely recommend this product to anyone! I am very pleased with my order and the service I got and would definitely return in the future. Need some more information you can check this item out HERE on

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Travel Pillow You Won't Want To Leave Home Without

** Received for review and inspection purposes **

I ordered this this neck pillow and received a shipping confirmation email by the end of the day! The pillow arrived in a box full of other items I ordered! I was pretty excited about getting this pillow because my twelve year old son has a reallyl hard time when we go on rides with his neck cramping! He has been asking me to get him one for a while but couldnt find one that I thought would be good for him.

This pillow was the perfect size! It fit around his neck just the way it should to take strain off while riding! When my son first tried it out he told me Mom this is so nice you better give this a 10 star review I had to break it to him we can only go as high as 5 stars! He not only uses this when we travel but he uses it all around the house and at night as well.The price they are asking for this is very fair for the quality of the pillow and I would highly recommend.  Want more information or to purchase one for yourself? Go HERE 

WARNING: Extreme Sexual Pleasure Inside 18+ ONLY

** Received for review and inspection purposes **

This is not my first toy that I have had the pleasure of inspecting and reviewing from Utimi! I actually do toy reviews for a couple other webssites other than Amazon so I know the difference between a well made sex toy and cheaply made one! First off the service is always great when I order through Utimi! I always receive products that are exactly as described and right on time.

When I received this Utimi Extreme Sexual Pleasure Large Inflatable Realistic well we will just say Penis for the sake of the review it came in a discreet bag along with other items non sex related I had ordered from Amazon. The toy itself can be adjusted in size similar to how a blood pressure cup works! You just squeeze until its the size you prefer and then when you are ready to release the size you just push the button and it deflates.

When I say this toy will satisfy anyone I am not even joking! You can get this pretty big without any issues! You know its well made when I pumped this sucker up to the max and it didnt break! This toy can be used both vaginally and anally although if your new to anal sex the size of this toy is probably not somethinig you will want to go for and I would suggest looking for something smaller through Utimi. If you have been there done that a while then this will be perfect for you.

There is a suctional cup on the bottom of the toy that is great for shower play or even sticking to a chair or the floor! It's made of silicone so very easy to clean! I just spray mine with toy spray and rinse it off! The price is AMAZING for this I have seen similar type toys sell for at least three times as what this is being sold for and the quality was no where near as nice. My overall opinion is this is a great toy and provides lots and lots of satisfying sexy time. Want to order one? GO HERE

Want to check out other great toys from Utimi? Go HERE

Perfecta Travel Mug

** Received for review and inspection purposes **

I received a confirmation email with in a few hours of placing this order! I received my package 2 days later as promised with Amazon Prime! The Perfect Travel Coffee Mug came delivered in a cute box that had Mickey Mouse on it! The cup looked exactly like it does in the photo shownon Amazon. I have used it a couple times now and seeing as though I have had it less than a week that is pretty good.

The cup holds 16 oz like described and does a great job at keeping my coffee hot! I read a few of the other reviews where they said they had problems with the lid leaking! If not closed correctly it will leak but I made sure that my lid was closed properly and had no issues with leaks! I tipped it upside down over my sink several times and there was no drips and the lid stayed on tightly!

This is actually me new favorite Travel Mug I didnt think I could bring myself to trade my old one in but this one definitely holds up to the high quality of my old one. I think the price is a fair price and I will be coming back to purchase another one in the future. I would definitely recommend.

Need more informtion or want to make a purchase? Go HERE 

Constantly fluffing your pillow and still can't get comfortable? You way want to check this out!

** Received for review and inspection purposes **


 I received shipping confirmation within a few hours of placing my order with VIVE Health! My order arrived with in a few days of placing the order! the Contour Mmory Foam Pillow came in a large box and was delivered by UPS! The pillow was well made and was of high quality.  There was also a place to unzip so that you can wash it easily.

I tend to be more of a side sleeper so I wasn't sure how this was going to work for me. I was however pleasently surprised that it worked really well! This pillow formed right to my head whether I slept on my back or my side! My neck was fully supported through out the entire night whether I flipped to my back or side! 

The pillow has just the right amount of firmness to softness and never loses shape! There is no need to constanly fluff like some other pillows because this pillow NEVER loses its shape! I think the listing price is more than fair and would absolutely recommend VIVE HEALTH to my close friends and family and would have no problem shopping with them in the future. Need some more information?  Go HERE.