Saturday, March 28, 2015

Perfect Cup Of Espresso In A Few Short Minutes

**Received for inspection and review purposes**

I ordered this product and had a shipping confirmation really quickly! This was delivered 2 days later by USPS! I was so excited when this arrived because I am a HUGE coffee drinker! I love it I have been searching for an Espresso machine for a while because my daughter ended up breaking mine but didn't like any of the prices so I decided to hold off until I could find one for a reasonable price! I am so happy I did because I just absolutely LOVE this little StovetopEspresso Pot!


It brews you up a delicious pot of Espresso in a matter of a few minutes! Its easy to clean and I can even take it camping with me! The price on this is OUTSTANDING because this is made so well! I was very impressed with the durability and the craftsmanship of the product! I love that it makes 6 cups so all I have to do is make the pot and warm it up and I have my coffee for the day! I would absolutely recommend this product! Looking to order one? Go HERE.

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  1. My ex mother in law was Italian and she had 3 or 4 of these. She gave me one and I absolutely loved it. Those little stove top espresso makers make the best cup of espresso. I need to go get another one.