Saturday, March 21, 2015

Flash Usb Flash Drive with Voice Recorder! Yes I think so

** Received for review and inspection purposes **

This was shipped right after I ordered! I am talking right after I ordered! I was pretty excited to see this show up as fast as it did! It arrived in a package with just the USB Voice Recorder! I had to pretty much fight my oldest daughter to keep this for myself because she was thinking the same thing I was. This is going to be perfect for taking notes at school! 

This holds up to 8 GB so its going to hold enough for all your pictures, notes, resumes, whatever you need it for! The voice recorder works well and sound comes out very clear! The memory card is quite portable and stores easily into any place! So far this has proven to be one of my favorite flash drives ever and for the price it is offered you cant beat it at all!!! Want to try one out for yourself? All you need to do is head on over to Amazon and place your order HERE.

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