Thursday, March 5, 2015

Take Bath Time To A Whole New Level Of Fun

Yes this looks adorable on the picture here but this picture really does not do this Hippo and justice! This s seriously the cutest bath toy I have seen EVER.. My littlest is 5 and she LOVES playing in the bath! The first thing she did when she seen this was ask me if she could take a bath. This is really easy to hook up it simply just slides on the spout. She thought it was hysterical when she seen the Hippo start spouting water through its mouth.

The Hippo is really easy to hook up. It easily slid right on my bathtub faucet so there was no crazy installation that needed to be done. I personally don't have to worry about my daughter bumping her head on the faucet anymore because she is older but I wish I would have seen this when she was younger it would have saved her a couple little bruises. Another cook thing is if your faucet gets really hot you don't have to worry about your child placing their hands on it and accidentally burning their hands because the hippo never gets hot.

Shipping and delivery went very well! It even shipped the same day I ordered and was delivered a day before it was scheduled to be delivered. Would I shop with Love Thy Bub again or recommend them to people I have a close personal relationship with! Yes I would without hesitation!! If you would like to purchase this for yourself you may do so by heading over to Amazon and placing and order HERE.

 **Disclosure: I did receive a coupon to buy this with a discount to write my honest opinion of the product. That doesn't effect my opinion at all. I base my ratings/reviews 100% off of my own personal experience with the product.


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