Monday, March 23, 2015

An affordable Cell Phone Travel Charger that is great with almost ALL devices

** Item received for review and inspection purposes **

 After placing an order with Cellstall to receive their product I very soon after received a confirmation email that my item had shipped! The Cell Phone Travel Charger then showed up two days later as promised when ordering with Amazon Prime. This item arrived in a box with other items purchased from Amazon and came in a cute box that allowed you to see everything inside of it! 

The box included:
1 Dual Port USB Charger
1 Car Charger
1 3 Ft Data Sync Cable 
1 6 Ft Data Sync Cable

I tried all of the chargers and cables with my iphone 6 and also an old mp3 player I had laying around the house! All the cords plugged into the devices and ports perfectly. There was no straining to get the cables in or out! After plugging them in to my car and the wall the connection was strong and they were charging right away! 

I started off with completely dead batteries for both the car and the wall charger and ended up with fully charged batteries with in an hour and a half. I recently just bought s similar travel pack at one of the local tech stores in my area and I spent three times the amount as what this product is going for and it was no where near this quality! I am VERY IMPRESSED with this travel charger set and would highly recommend! I woudl definitely come back in the future to do business with Cellstall again. Want some more information or make a purchase of your own ? You can check it out HERE.

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