Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Looking For A Delicious Healthy New Tea To Try?


Me and my husband are HUGE tea drinkers! We usually go straight to our local heath food market and order our teas! are favorites are Oolangs Dragon Wells and Green teas! So when I seen this Dragon Well tea I knew we had to try it out! I was impressed that this tea is 100% pure and no pesticides were used.

When the tea arrived it came in a cute little designed tin can (perfect for giving as a gift) and the actual tea leaves were sealed tight in a keep fresh bag! I warmed some water up and put the leaves in a metal tea infuser ball and let it steep for about 5 minutes. The flavor of the tea was a really smooth nice earthy taste. I don't put sugar in my tea but if I was a sugar user I wouldn't have needed to put any in there! Not only myself but my husband really enjoyed the taste. We have served it to guests and they really liked it as well!

I had no problems with shipping and delivery! It was shipped with in a few hours of me ordering and delivered right on time! The price is a fair price . I have come across better but I have also came across a lot worse! Would I come back and purchase from DeChunXian and order again? I sure would and am already planning on it! I need to disclose that I did receive a coupon to buy this with a discount to write my honest opinion of the product. That doesn't effect my opinion at all. I base my ratings/reviews 100% off of my own personal experience with the product. If you would like to buy some you can do so by heading on over to Amazon and purchasing it HERE.

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