Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Chapped Lips? Check out my new go to Lip Balm!

**Received for review and inspection purposes**

I received shipping confirmation within a couple hours after ordering this product! I was going to wait a while to try it and write my review but I was so excited after trying this that I wanted to write my review right away! The Lip Balm arrived in a plastic package and there was 4 of them all together. I have tried LOTS and LOTS of different kinds of Lip Balms and spent a ton of money on them!!!

I am not even joking when I say that this is the MOST AMAZING LIP BALM my lips have ever had the pleasure of trying! This absorbs immediately into your lips leaving them silky smooth! The Lip Balm tastes great! It has a minty honey flavor and gives your lips a refreshing tingle! It's pretty safe to say that this Lip Balm beats ANY OTHER one that I have tried! I am absolutely in love with it!!!  I would definitely recommend trying this brand out if you haven't yet? You can get more information or place an order HERE.

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