Saturday, March 21, 2015

Need A New High Quality Inexpensive Steering Wheel Cover Don't Miss This Great Price!!!!

** Received for inspection and review purposes **

I received this Steering Wheel Cover directly from the seller! He was very polite and just by talking to him you could tell that he loves his company and put a lot of work into creating a great Steering Wheel Cover and Air Freshener. My order arrived quickly which made me very happy. When it arrived it was in a plastic circular tote accompanied by the American Flag Air Freshener! The tote haf a zipper on it that was pretty cool because I like to change my steering wheel covers often and this was a great way for me to store it while I am not using it!

Taking it out of the plastic case I could feel that the materieal was soft and definitel comfortable to grip! This fit perfectly on my steering wheel and stayed there! There was no wiggling around while I drove just a nice warm comfortable place to put my hands! The material is NOT CHEAP material at all! Its pretty heavy duty and going to last a LONG time! My husband has his car themed with Chicago Bulls stuff so this was pretty much meant to go to him but I didn't tell him! I let him suffer a little bit and made him see it in my car for a while until he finally was like HEY YOU KNOW THAT SHOULD BE MINE??? So he got to keep it and he absolutely LOVES it!!!!  I will probably be ordering another one for me in the near future!!! Great product and I highly recommend! Want one for yourself? You can check them out HERE on Amazon?

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