Monday, March 23, 2015

I can not believe that much sound comes out of that speaker! You are going to wanna check this out!!!!!!!!!!!

** Received for review and inpection purposes **


This item was shipped to me within a day after I ordered and showed up just as scheduled! When I first opened this package I could automatically tell it was going to be a quality Speaker! After reviewing hundreds of speakers you definitely get to know "that feel"! The speaker is a really nice sleek design, its light weight, and has a very VIBRANT color! 

Hooking the Bluetooth Exo Portable Wireless NFC Speaker took a matter of about 45 seconds! I could not believe how fast it connected! The sound was crystal clear, no muffling at all, and had a nice amount of bass to it! For the price of this to get that much sound and bass it's a pretty incredible deal! I could not even really come up with criticism about the product if I had too! Well maybe that my husband wants to steal mine and is going to have to fight me to the Death over it! Seriously a great great product and an awesome deal! I would HIGHLY recommend!!!!! 

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