Tuesday, March 24, 2015

WARNING: Extreme Sexual Pleasure Inside 18+ ONLY

** Received for review and inspection purposes **

This is not my first toy that I have had the pleasure of inspecting and reviewing from Utimi! I actually do toy reviews for a couple other webssites other than Amazon so I know the difference between a well made sex toy and cheaply made one! First off the service is always great when I order through Utimi! I always receive products that are exactly as described and right on time.

When I received this Utimi Extreme Sexual Pleasure Large Inflatable Realistic well we will just say Penis for the sake of the review it came in a discreet bag along with other items non sex related I had ordered from Amazon. The toy itself can be adjusted in size similar to how a blood pressure cup works! You just squeeze until its the size you prefer and then when you are ready to release the size you just push the button and it deflates.

When I say this toy will satisfy anyone I am not even joking! You can get this pretty big without any issues! You know its well made when I pumped this sucker up to the max and it didnt break! This toy can be used both vaginally and anally although if your new to anal sex the size of this toy is probably not somethinig you will want to go for and I would suggest looking for something smaller through Utimi. If you have been there done that a while then this will be perfect for you.

There is a suctional cup on the bottom of the toy that is great for shower play or even sticking to a chair or the floor! It's made of silicone so very easy to clean! I just spray mine with toy spray and rinse it off! The price is AMAZING for this I have seen similar type toys sell for at least three times as what this is being sold for and the quality was no where near as nice. My overall opinion is this is a great toy and provides lots and lots of satisfying sexy time. Want to order one? GO HERE

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