Monday, March 16, 2015

Don't Underestimate The Size! Everyone Needs To Own At Least One Of These!


I received this item shipped directly to me from the seller for inspection and review purposes. The company was very nice and a pleasure to talk to! You could tell that they really put a lot of work and love in to their products but with that being said when the item arrived I was thinking hmmm how much light can this little guy give out so what do I do! The genius inside me turned it on with out pointing it in the opposite direction from my eyes and BAM  I was blinded by the light..


After the blindness wore off and I got to examine this Solar Lantern I could immediately tell that this thing was really durable! In case of emergency I definitely want something to last! The lantern is also light weight so it's definitely easy to pack around with you! Okay onto the actual light! yes some companies really exagerate ridiculously about the product of their product, With this lantern you will see there is no exageration going on when THRIVE states that this is the best LED lights on the market. I was super impressed with the fact it works solely on Solar Power! In a disaster situation this is exactly what you want!

When I came to look at the price to write this review I was totally shocked after getting to try the product out and seeing just how it works and the quality of it! I would have no problem paying double that price. Shipping and delivery was fast and right when the company said it would be delivered! I would recommend this company to all my close friends and relatives and I would not hesitate to make future purchases. Want to purchase one for yourself? you can do so buy hopping on over to Amazon and placing an order HERE.

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