Friday, March 20, 2015

The perfect fan for cooling down your consoles!

** Item received for review and inspection purposes **

I was sent this fan from AC Infinity directly from the seller to test and provide an HONEST review!! The seller made it clear he would like HONEST feedback and I agreed! the fan showed up in regular mail overnight so I was really impressed about that! We have SEVERAL game consoles in our house and have a huge problem with them overheating! 

The fan plugged right into the console with a USB cord and turned right on!!!! This fan is very very quiet I couldn't even tell it was on at all! My husband is usually on the his XBOX any time he is home so it gets quite warm! After this was plugged in I placed it on top of the XBOX 360! I am telling you with in five minutes it had cooled the whole console down! I stuck my hand on it after that and it wasn't even a little warm! 

My husband knows quite a bit about how these fans are supposed to work and I asked him what his thoughts on this one was and he said that this was the BEST fan that he has ever owned! My husband is kind of a brand person so that really surprised me seeing as though this was the first time I had ever heard of or used any products by this company before. 

The fan is the perfect size. It doesnt take up a bunch of room, its well made, and it does it's job. The company was polite and an absolutel pleasure to do business with! I would 100% reccomend AC Infinitu to all my close friends and family and I would definitely come back and purchase through them in the future. Are you looking for a great inexpensive electronic cooler fan? Make sure you check out AC Infinity on AMAZON.

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