Saturday, March 21, 2015

Wireless mouse from ACCTREND

**Item received for review and inspection purposes** 

I ordered this product and shortly after received a confirmation that this had already shipped it showed up to my house in the 2 days I was told that it was going to be delivered in. When it arrived it was in a small cardboard box big enough for it to fit the mouse! Taking it out of the box it was wrapped in plastic for protection and came with 2 batteries.

The batteries are easily installed underneath the mouse! I had no problem getting hooked up to work with my computer at all! The mouse was really comfortable to grip and had a natural feeling to it! The buttons all clicked and worked properly and the quality was really great! I actually had to double check the price on it because I have seen a lot crappier wireless mouses sell for about three times as what this one is advertised as! If your in the market for a new mouse I would highly recommend trying out the ACCTREND Wireless Mouse~ Want to purchase one? Just go HERE and place your order on Amazon.

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