Monday, March 16, 2015

In the market for a new knife sharpener? Your going to want to check this one out first!

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As an active blogger I received an opportunity to review this product at little or no charge. The Priority Chef Knife sharpener was shipped within a few hours of me ordering the product and was delivered exactly when it was supposed to! This knife sharpener actually had well written easy to read instructions placed on the box. 


My favorite part of this knife sharpener without a doubt was the handle! I used a couple different types of knives in the sharpener to see how it would work with different knives and styles! I used a set of my kitchen carbon knives, muhusbands fishing knives, and then just some basic cheap knives we had laying around! 

I have to say that this knife sharpener was able to handle the variety very well! Each knife I used came out as sharp as when I had bought them and the ones that could be honed were perfectly honed! When I looked to see the price of this product I was really surprised that it was as inexpensive as it is because the quality is great and the device is durable and well made. I would definitely recommend Priority Chef to my family and friends and I would do business with them in the future for sure.

 If this is a product yuo would be interested in  you can purchase yours on Amazon right HERE

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