Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Stroller Bag That Will Fit Everything You Need!

** Received for review and inspection purposes**

This item was shipped to be directly from the seller to inspect and review! The seller provided me with all my tracking information and was very polite and made sure I recieved my item. When the Travel Diaper Bag arrived it arrived via UPS with a couple other bags that I plan on reviewing! 

The material of the bag is thick and durable! It's definitelly large enough to keep everything in! I can fit a ton of diapers, wipes, a can of formula, a couple bottles, meds , extra clothes in it and still have a lot of room left over.

I had no issues attaching to the stroller and once attached it stayed there without any problems! For cleaning I just took some spray and a rag to it and it came out fine! I am not sure how it would stand up in the washer but its pretty durable so I dont think there would be any issues. Overall I am extremely pleased with the quality of the bag and would have no problems returning to Damai in the future. Want more information? Go HERE. Want to check out the other items in the store? Go HERE.

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