Friday, March 20, 2015

How Did I Live Without This Thing

** Received for inspection and review purposes**


I have been wanting a new injector for quite some time so when I was given an opportunity to review this product I was so super stoked! The shipping was really fast it shipped literally within hours of my order and I received it in the two days promised by Amazon Prime! So when I opened my package I was really shocked to see the massiveness and the quality of this BEAST!!! They really did name it that for a reason! This is the most heavy duty injector that I have ever had the pleasure of laying my hands on! 

It came in an awesome box that is great for gifting! I know my husband would have LOVED this as a gift for BBQ season and was actually quite jealous when he seen mine! I seriously had to tell him HANDS OFF BUDDY!!!! So in this cook kick A$$ box is the actual Stainless Steeland 2 Injector Needles!!! 

The Meat injector kit is easy to use but make sure you prime it with a little vegetable oil first!! I have so far made chicken and turkey with this and both came out DELICIOUS!!!!! The listing price is more than fair actually it is AMAZING considering this thing comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY!!! Honestly as a reviewer I come a lot of really cool stuff but I have to tell you that this is my new favorite kitchen gadget for real. I would so recommend getting this for yourself or a love one because there is no way that you could regret this purchase. Want to try The Beast out for yourself? Go here and check it our now on AMAZON.

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