Friday, March 20, 2015

Less Visable Scars In 3 Weeks

** Received For Inspection And Review Purposes**

This product was shipped pretty soon after ordering and delivered right when it said it would be!!!! This arrived in a cute little box that had a container with 1oz full of the treatment in it. After opening I could see that the container was filled almost to the top with a tanish brownish creamy liquid. There was really not much smell to it kind of like a lotion smell and that was about it.

I have a couple scars on my belly from surgeries I have had in the past and put some on them. It absorbed quickly into my skin, wasn't greasy and didnt leave any residue. I used this as directed which was twice a day every day and didn't seen any results until about the third week. At the third week I could see a huge difference in the scars. They were beginning to fade and the thickness was definitely going away..

I am really impressed with this so far and can't wait to see the results after a full six weeks which by the way there is enough that one bottle should last that long making it an incredible value. This is actually my second time trying Protege Beauty Products and I would highly recommend them because they have both been high quality products that I have had great results with. Want to try out some Protege Beauty Items for yourself all you have to do is head on over to Amazon and check their store out HERE.

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