Monday, March 2, 2015

Have You Made The Switch

This year alone I have bought 8 different veggie slicers just in the last year. Veggie Noodles are delicious and they are so good for you! The amount of carbohydrates  and calories regular pasta has in it is just crazy! If you have never had vegetable pasta and thinking about trying it. I would suggest buying this Spiral Veggie Slicer before you try any other ones.

 This one is EXTREMELY SIMPLE to use... Others that I have tried tend to be a pain in the butt to work and the noodles don't come out nearly as pretty. The crank is what makes this one special for me. With just turning the crank the noodles come out beautiful every time. Clean up was simple as well. I just rinsed everything off and set it out to dry. Way less confusing than other Spiral Slicers can be.

No problems with shipping and delivery either. This shipped within hours of my order and was delivered exactly when it said it would be. I am under NO obligation to write this review. I bought it on sale and it worked really well so I wanted to let others know my opinion on the product. You can buy yours HERE

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