Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Happy Days Are Here To Stay


My husband has been taking these for about a week and a half now which typically isn't that much time to be able to see a major difference when taking a supplement but there have already been such noticeable changes that I thought I would go ahead and write this review now. Since starting HCF my husband has been so much more I hate to say it and sound cheesy but HAPPY CALM and FOCUSED! His attitude went from him going around being a grumpy old man that had no patience for anything to actually cracking a smile once in a while and being able to completely finish a task! I asked him this morning to tell me what he thought about this supplement and his reply was, "Well what do you think?" So no it doesn't take the cockiness of snarkiness away completely but that reply is better than what I would have got a few weeks ago!

As far as side effects go he hasn't experienced any at all not even an upset stomach when he takes them with an empty stomach which surprises me. The recommend dose is 3 capsules before breakfast which he has been following exactly. The pills come in a white capsule form. They are not horse pills but they are regular sized pills. He has had no problems swallowing them at all!  When you open the bottle it's actually surprising how FULL the bottle is. I have an abnormal fear of cotton (strange I know) and was ecstatic to see that there is no cotton any where near that bottle.

I received this bottle directly from the company  in exchange of  my opinion of the product and she told me that she was sending the bottle out right after we had got done talking and she must have because the bottle was delivered with in a couple days after our conversation. I personally am excited to see even more changes as time goes on! Bottom Line.. Would I purchase HCF again or recommend to any of my friends and family! YES without hesitation!  You can buy yours on Amazon by placing an order HERE.

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