Thursday, March 19, 2015

Looking to spice things up a bit? Check out Utimis on Amazon

** I received this product for review and inspection purposes**


Just a few hours after ordering this product I received an email that said my item had shipped! I was pretty impressed with that and even more thrilled when it was delivered in the 2 days as promised. As any person  knows waiting for a new toy is the worst! When it arrived it was in another box with some other items I had ordered from Amazon but it was discreetly wrapped. With it being the only sex toy I had purchased that day I knew exactly what it was!

I was really excited to test it so I decided I would go take a shower and see just how well it held up to water. This Vibe does not come with batteries so make sure you are prepared to have some batteries on hand! You are going to need 2 AAA batteries to make this bad boy work! After taking it out of the package and inserting the batteries I got to feel the soft silicone in my hands! The texture of the Vibrator is so really really soft and smooth! 

Turning the vibrator on was the next step. There are two button on the front of the Vibe one for power and one for vibrations, The buttons are in an easy to reach spot so that your not having to stop what your doing to change vibrations every couple minutes and ruin the mood. There are 10 different vibrations and I found my favorite to be somewhere in the middle of 7 and 8. The size of the vibrator was perfect for me! It filled me up and satisfied me completely.

The vibrator held up 100% in the shower and was super quiet which is really nice because you know as well as I do no one can concentrate and have a good time if they think everyone is listening to them being naughty. Cleaning was simple I used some toy spray that I clean all my toys with and it worked great. This vibe saitisfied all my needs and I can't wait to come back to UTIMI and buy some exciting new toys again in the future. If you are in the market for some sexy, fun, durable toys you should definitely go check out the UTIMI'S store on Amazon HERE.

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