Saturday, March 21, 2015

A Headlamp you should NOT leave home without!

**Received for review and inspection purposes**

This little Flashlight Headlamp let me tell you is the best that I have tried so far! This shipped within hours of me ordering and arrived right on time! My husband rides his bike back and forth to work to save on money and sometimes doesn't get home til late or has to leave early in the morning. This nyteBright Flashlight puts of  A LOT of light! There would definitely be something wrong if someone didn't see you coming with this thing on.

This runs off 3 AAA batteries but the company includes them with your purchase which is really nice! There is nothing more annoying then getting something and finding out you can't use it without batteries. The strap is adjustable and fit around everyone in my families head even my 5 year olds who was pretending she was mining for coal.

There is a ton of different levels of brightness and even a flashing setting . I am 100% satisfied with this product and I feel a ton safer knowing how well it works and how reliable it is with my husband leaving for work and coming home at different hours. I would recommenfd this Headlamp to anyone!  Go HERE to learn more! 

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