Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Professional Results In Just One Use with Crystalsmile Professional Teeth Whitening Home Kit

As an active Blogger I received an opportunity to review this product at a little or no cost I was pretty excited about that because I havent been able to make it to my Dentist office for a while for a whitening due to how expensive it has gotten! Crystal Smile had my kit shipped to me with in hours of ordering and it arrived right when it was supposed too.

Tryinng to mold the tray to my teeth was apparently comical to my children because you have to kind of suck and rub at the same time and I just looked like a dork while doing it. It worked though they molded right to my teeth and then I just cut the excess of with a pair of scissors! I then put a little of the gel in each tray and stuck them on my teeth and bit down and now for the cool part.... It came with an actual LED LIGHT included so after I put the trays in I put the light in my mouth with my lips gently around it for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes I took the light out and left the trays in for about an hour more! You can leave them in anywheres from 45 minutes to overnight!

When I took the tray off there was an IMMEDIATE difference! I mean I am talking a professional whitener difference! The kit  comes with enough for a week and this was only my first use and I could see a dramatic change so I am super stoked to see how my teeth look in a week!! An important thing to remember is to make sure you cut the excess of before you use them because if not you will experience a little sensitivity nothing too bad at all though.

The flavor wasn't horrible either it had a minty kind of flavor and I liked it a lot more than most whiteners I have tried in the past!! The price is FANTASTIC!!!! I would have paid triple at my Dentist office! I will definitey be returning to Crystal Smile again in the future and will also be referring all my friends and family there. Want to learn more or purchase your own? You can do so buy going HERE

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