Friday, March 6, 2015

Dandelions Are Delicious


Being someone who is a tea fanatic  and already loving the taste of Dandelions I knew when I seen this tea that I was absolutely going to LOVE it! I was totally right in thinking that. I am very glad that I purchased this Organic Dandelion Root Tea! The taste is really light! I would say almost like a green tea. It does have a hint of cinamon flavor as well which I thought really made the tea quite delicious! I didn't need sweetener in it all! I made my husband a glass who is finicky about the teas he drinks and he really loved it.

There are some very good medical reason to drink dandelion tea as well. For example it can control your blood sugar and also if you apply it to spots where you are having problems with excema you can apply it directly to your skin and it will help clear it up! I have actually done that and it worked. It can also be used for loss of appetite, muscle aches and pains, and even as a laxitive.

I had no problems with shipping and delivery! This was shipped within a few hours of me ordering andwas delivered on time! I am SUPER happy with my purchase! This is something I will be ordering again because I am so afraid of the dandelions where I live being sprayed with pesticides. I did receive this item at a discount to provide you with my thoughts on the Dandelion Root Tea. Everything stated is based 100% off of my own opinion. If you would like to purchase some of this delicious tea for yourself you may do so by going to Amazon and placing and order HERE.


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