Saturday, March 14, 2015

Looking for a great portable charger? Linkon has a great selection!

Don't let the size of this little portable charger fool you! This charger is small but mighty. My entire family has portable chargers because we are electronic FREAKS so impressing us is kind of hard to do! First off the color was just like it was described with a house full of teenagers they are always wanting something that will not only work well but look great as well!

I have bought some portable chargers in the past where it was darn near impossible to plug in our phones and unplug them without making the ports loose on the charger and everyone knows that when a port gets to the point where it is loose you might as well throw that charger away or your going to be there wiggling that cord to get it to charge for forever and a day.

Having the ability to charge my phone while I am on the go is very important to me! I am a mom, wife, and a boss. I have to be able to be reached at all times. Having a dead phone just is not an option. This allows me to throw the charger in my purse and take it ANYWHERE I go! On a dead battery it took less than 2 hours to charge completely and the charge lasted through out the whole day! 

Would I purchase from Linkon in the future again or recommend my family and friends? Yes I would! The price is right on and very fair! Shipping and delivery was fast and on time! I was 100% satisfied with my purchase and experience with Linkon Direct. As an active blogger I need to disclose that I received this product at a discount price in order to provide you with my thoughts and opinions of this product! That however has zero effect over my opinion and I base all my ratings and reviews 100% on my experience with this product!

If you would like to buy one of these great chargers for yourself you can do so by heading over to Amazon and making a purchase HERE.

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