Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Looking for a fantastic teeth whitener?

This is my second purchase with MaxxGel I purchased the foam a while back and I absolutely LOVED it! It did a FANTASTIC job at whitening my husbands teeth! I actually just received this order today and my husband wanted to try it out so I let him! Okay so I am just going to jump into why this is getting a 4 star review instead of a 5 star review from me! 


I have pretty bad eyesight after suffering from some minor strokes and there was absolutely no directions that came with it except for what was on the little pen bottles! The wording was really small and I couldn't read it at all even with my glasses on. My husband however was able to read it and since he was the one that was using it that worked out fine.

My husband has very very sensitive teeth and gums and he didn't have any issues what so ever with sensitivity to the teeth whitening pen. The application was actually easy you just kind of draw it on your teeth and leave it there and that is it! The results were actually PHENOMENAL for one use only! There was a huge difference! 

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Shipping and delivery was fast and on time! The price is FANTASTIC for the results it gives! I would recommend to all my family and friends without hesitation and I sure will come back in the future!  **Disclosure: I did receive a coupon to buy this with a discount to write my honest opinion of the product. That doesn't effect my opinion at all. I base my ratings/reviews 100% off of my own personal experience with the product.

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