Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Hunting I Will GO! Solar Powered Backpack Review

** Received for review and inspection purposes **

I actually received this Solar Charger Backpack a day earlier than expected which was really nice! It was delivered by UPS with other items I ordered from Amazon. I honestly can not believe how cool this bad boy is! A solar powered back pack! You have got to be kidding me right? The thought of being able to go hunting for Sasquatch in the Pacific Northwest without ever having to worry about my electronics dying puts tingles down my spine.

The material to the backpack is thick and durable! This back pack should last a long long time! It's spacious enough to fit a lunch, some hiking supplies, a change of clothes and since there is a hydration pack included in it you will never ever have to worry about being thirsty! The solar charger has the capacity to charge two things at once so you can charge your phone and camera or what ever your favorite electronic is!  I was surprised at how fast this actually charges! This was my first solar powered charger device so the whole thing just kind of blew my mind! After being able to try this out there is NO WAY that I would ever be caught without one again!! Want more information or to purchase your own? All you need to do is go HERE.

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