Monday, March 23, 2015

Cowboys and Indians Anyone????

** Received for inspection and review purposes**

I have made quite a few purchases with Kangaroo Manufacturing and not once have they disappointed! Their products are quality made but yet inexpensive enough where its easy to provide children with happiness! When the horses arrived to my house my 5 year old daughter was estatic! Her eyes lit right up! She immediately wanted to play! She played for hours with them and when she was done her ten year old brother started playing with them.

The horses are all realist looking and made well! These are some pretty darn durable horses so if your kids are rough on toys like mine these will last a long long time! YAY!!!!! There is so many different possibilities to how they can use their imagination so they are going to keep them busy for a while and really are a great way to focus on creative play which is so so important for children.

The horses are EASY to keep clean as well! What I do is put about a teaspoon of bleach into a sink full of hot water and give them a quick wash and rinse! None of the colors fade and you don't have to worry about your little ones getting sick from gross germs that have been sitting around for a while.

Shipping and delivery was fast and on time. The price is fantastic for how durable the horses are! They are great gifts or even party favors! I would recommend Kangaroo Manufacturing to anyone who wants quality products. Want more information or to purchase your own fun horses? Go HERE 

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