Wednesday, March 18, 2015

So Many Toys So Little Time


I have 4 kids they are ranged from 5 to16 when I got this in the mail there eyes just lit up! All of them including the 16 year old! I am not going to lie this bag of toys was pretty exciting! I mean there is sooooo many different types of cool toys in there your first thought is WOW! It was packed with things like little squirt guns, disguise sets, vampire teeth, rings, dice! I mean there was a TON of different things it would take me forever just to name them all!!! 

All the toys were made well and they have all lasted some seriously tough play! These would be FANTASTIC for parties, to give out on Halloween or what I plan on doing is buying another bag and keeping them in a  bowl at my desk and when my clients with children come in they can have something to keep them busy while I am talking to their parents. Shipping and delivery went awesome! These shipped literally with in hours of me ordering and actually arrived to me a day early! The price is  awesome considering what a variety there is and how fun the toys are.

I would absolutely 100 percent recommend this company to all my close friends and family! I am also providing a picture with this review so that you can not only see what you get but also the size of the toys so you know if they would be a good fit for your children! **Disclosure: I did receive a coupon to buy this with a discount to write my honest opinion of the product. That doesn't effect my opinion at all. I base my ratings/reviews 100% off of my own personal experience with the product!

Want a bag of your own? You can place an order HERE

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