Sunday, March 29, 2015

Staying Healthy With Areda

** Received for review and inspection puposes **

I received a shipping confirmation with in two hours! These arrived to my house in 2 days because I ordered with Amazon Prime! They came in a box that had the container of strips and a pamplet about how to use the strips. I liked that these are really the only strips that you need and they are so easy to use!

These test for things like Leukocytes, Nitritem Urobilinogen, Protein, ph, Blood, Specific Gravity, Bilirubin, and Glucose! I actually wonder quicte a bit about certain things and with these I can pretty easily tell if something is out of whack in my body! I don't use these every day only will I feel like something may be off! So the bottle of 50 Strips will last a while! For all the different things these strips cover the price is more than fair! With the quality of the product, customer service, and the great price I am giving these a 5 star review! Need more information or want to purchase? Go HERE.

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