Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Looking for a trendy iphone 6 case? Look no further! Check out this awesome case by Phengpro

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As an active blogger I received an opportunity to review this phone case at little or no charge! I ended up giving this case to my neice she is 14! She loves phone cases and this had her written all over it! When this arrived  it came in a cute case that allowed you to see what the case actually looked like! To me personally the case is actually cuter once you received it then the picture they have up!  The case itself is really light weight because I know that I like a case that doesn't feel like it is weighing my phone down!

The case fit perfectly on her phone! All she had to do was pop her phone in and it created the perfect fit. She called me last night and told me that all her friends in school loved it and had never seen one like it before so she wanted to know where she could order it from! 


Looking for a break down:
Shipping and delivery: Fast and on time
Fit as described: Yes
Looked as described: Even better
Price: Good
Would I buy from Phengpro in the future: Absolutely

Want to purchase one of your own? You may do so by heading over to Amazon and placing an order HERE.

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