Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Smack That All On The Floor! Smack That Give Me Some More!!! (18+)


I am not sure how many people are aware that there is actually an art to spanking! I think maybe 75 % percent of the human race think the thing to is just come out of no where with a beat down! Not really the way to make anyone all that excited. This paddle is great because it lets you start out with a soft swat and then progressively get harder.

I read a review where someone had stated this bent in half the first time they used this. Let me tell you from someone who is totally into the BDSM lifestyle and can't handle some pretty mean swats that this is not the case. This can with stand any spanking light or hard that I have got with it so far. This actually is by far one of the best paddles I have owned. I love the smooth feel of the paddle and the slight burn that leaves my butt cheeks a rosy red just like any good leather paddle should leave.There is actually a place above my bed that we hang it up by the leather strap so when I have been bad I can be fully disciplined.

Shipping was very fast. It was actually shipped within a few hours of me ordering and it was delivered within 2 days with my Amazon Prime. Will I be ordering from UTIMI with their great prices and quality products oh yes you can count on that. I did receive this item at a discounted price so that I could give you my honest and unbiased opinion of this product. If your interested in purchasing this you can buy yours HERE.

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