Tuesday, January 27, 2015

All in the life of a Blogger/Sweeper/Reviewer/Surveyer/Couponer

Okay so I have had a lot of messages about how to earn some money on here. I am going to break it down to you broke Mama style.. Here is a few things I do
*******************SURVEY SITES*********************************************
The first big one is InstaGC This one is great you can even cash out at 1.00. Pretty much has everything from Paypal to Dominos. Here is the link for that http://www.instagc.com/414408
The second is swagbucks.. Its so easy to earn points every day that turn into gift cards www.swagbucks.com/refer/mizzamie360
Then we have Points 2 Shop another great way to earn some gift cardshttp://www.points2shop.com?ref=mizzamie
There is so so many more just do a little searching.
Okay next question ... What is Crowdtap? Crowdtap is a place you go you answer a few questions and you are put in a drawing for Giftcards and samples. I have received many many products for free from them.you can sign up just by going to crowdtap.com
2 other great places for samplings are bzzagent.com and smiley360.com
You get to answer fun questions about your life and then based on your answers you get items based on your answers. After you receive your items you right a review.I have got household items, toys, food, hygiene ect. You name it I have got it from there...
Next question.. Are those contests you keep posting for Legit??? The answer to that is YES OF COURSE? Why would I post all day if they were not. I have won so many different things. That trip I just went to yes that was COMPLETELY FREE the whole trip. We had a BLAST....
Things to be aware of on big wins such as cars,trips, ect.. ANYTHING OVER $600 must reported when Uncle Sam comes calling..
As long as its not something like a car ect taxes are not that bad... I know there is scary stories but trust me they are not.
Okay product reviews! Everyone wants to know about product reviews! I write product reviews in exchange for free or highly deep discounted items. I have received literally all kinds of products from food, pet supplies,sex toys, health and beauty products, ALL KINDS OF THINGS. Can I refer you to groups? The answer to that is quite simple I will NOT refer anyone who does not have at least ten well written reviews that I have seen! Why is this! I want to make sure my referrals do well. There are however lots and lots of websites that offer the same kinds of deals, but yes you still need to have a certain amount of well written reviews to be part of. My suggestion is when you buy something review it. I don't care if its sanitary napkins REVIEW IT. It's going to help you in the long run.
Okay the last thing YOU HAVE TO BE SERIOUS ABOUT ALL OF THIS to do well if you not your not going to do well.. I put A LOT and I mean A LOT of time into this but you can and will do well if you are committed 
Anything else Fell free to ask I just thought I could answer some of the questions in one place instead of having to answer them individually

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