Saturday, May 2, 2015


This thing is pretty nifty! I wasn't expecting that I would like it as much as I did but with 4 kids this Entertainmount is a BLESSING! My kids love to watch Youtube videos! 

My 5 year daughter can listen to ihascupquake, stampy long nose, and TDM all day long! So when we are taking a long trip this is great to keep her and the other kids entertained in the backseat.

Installation was pretty easy! I even was able to install it myself and uninstalling is a breeze too. I just had them stick their phone in it. I think it would work for tablets too as longs as they were 7 inches and under. 

Its a great little device and I think everyone needs to own one. Cuts down on the Are we there yet's by at least a few hundred. Nice price, Great Quality, and would highly recommend. If your interested in this product you can find out more information HERE.

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