Friday, May 22, 2015

REVIEW: Greenwald's All Purpose Cleaner Kit

As we all know  Cleaning Supplies can be expensive  and this bottle actually comes with six refills and the bottle is 1 quart so this is going to last a while! This does have a nice orange citrus scent and not a strong Chemical scent! I used this on counters, the tub, and toilet and it did a pretty good getting everything spic and span! 

I always like when a cleaner is meant for more than one area because when you have to lug around 50 different cleaners to clean your house it can be rough! I think for the price they have this at it is a very good buy and would buy it again! It didn't do so well on some hard to scrub areas which is I would give this  four star instead of 5 stars review rating but for but for cleaning maintenance great stuff and highly recommend.

If your interested in purchasing this product you can do so HERE.

This product was received at no cost for the purpose of review and evaluation

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