Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Powerfly Rechargeable Voice Activated Vibrator

This is one of the coolest vibrators I have had the pleasure of trying and I have been able to try quite a few being a product tester and Blogger. This is my very first VOICE ACTIVATED vibrator I have owned EVER!!!!!! Okay let's start off with the basics like how does this thing charge? This actually has a magnetic charger! I mean seriously what in the heck is cooler than that  but I guess when you are dealing with a rechargeable voice activated vibrator you will find  a bunch of new things to hit an EPIC COOL LEVEL!!!!!!!!!

So how to charge the vibe you take that little magnetic charger and place it on the back of the vibrator  where the two little magnet charger points are! Make sure you got a connection and plug that bad boy in  and let it charge away! You will know it is charging because the light on the vibrator will be flashing! Okay so once you let it charge completely then there are a few settings on the actual vibe music, outside, inside, and the power on/off button on the handle of the toy! You have to hold the power button a few seconds to get it to turn on once it is on you can start talking to it! I started off with a few nice words like Hey there you hot thing you and then said a little something like you yea I am talking to you  and then finished off with rapping a little Started From The Bottom Now We're Here!!!!

Once you open your mouth and start talking you will notice that the vibrator begins to vibrate! This toy listens way better than my husband and I don't even have to put up with any attitude or farts! This also does run without being voice activated too and just as a normal vibrator so if your trying to be quiet and don't want anyone hearing you get to down to Drake in your naughty time your can do that as well!

This vibrator has a ton of different pulses and vibrations! This toy is shaped like a basic bunny vibe so you have the shaft for penetration and the little "rabbit" part for some steamy clitoral stimulation! This toy is really soft and doesn't have a hard plastic feel but like a soft velvety silicone feeling!

 This product is very easy to clean all I do is just take some of my adult toy spray and wipe it off before and after each use! I hope I covered any questions anyone may have with this product! I really enjoy it and it has become my new favorite toy for the moment and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to spice up their naughty life a little bit.

If you are interested in this product you can purchase it HERE

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