Sunday, May 24, 2015

REVIEW: Strength Stack 52 Bodyweight Workout Cards

I have been trying this product out for about the last week and have to say that if your looking for something to challenge yourself that this is a great way to do that!  There are so many different exercises that it makes it easy to do them even if your a beginner exercise some of them are really intense and faced more towards people that are very very fit but even if your a beginner you can give them a try and modify them to where they are comfortable to you!

 This pack comes with 3 separate packs of cards and contains 114 exercise cards all together! These are perfect to by yourself or make a game with friends! These are also compatible with your cell phone as well  you just scan the card on your cell scanner and it shows an actual video of Sargent Volcin doing the exercises so if your wondering how the heck do you do that one you can just scan and watch the video! 

I think if you are a person with no motivation level at all this probably isn't the thing for you but if you are motivated to get healthy! This is fun I noticed for me that it is way more fun with friends! There are only two things that would deter me from this product if I was an actual consumer and not a product tester and that would be 1. If I had no motivation level and needed something that would be on top of me to motivate me more and 2. The price is kind of steep but as everyone knows anything to help lose weight or better your health is going to cost you so with that being said I won't dock any points or take any stars away for that! I will keep using this product and hopefully see some really good results soon I know my body can sure feel the burn before and after exercising so I know its working for me.

If you are interested in purchasing this item you can do so HERE.

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