Friday, May 1, 2015

LingsFire® Rechargeable Head Lamp

HOLY WOW was I amazed when I was finally able to try out this Head Lamp Flash Light from Lings Fire! I had purchased a bike lamp for my husband about three or four months ago and it died already so I have been looking for a different one so that he would have it for when he was biking,hiking, camping or just doing stuff at night. I NEVER expected this head light to be so cool! 

First off the head lamp is rechargeable so you don't have to worry about buying a billion batteries for it. This lamp comes with  a bunch of different light settings there is even a flashing light and a light in the back of the and! 

The head band part is adjustable so it will fit any head large or small. I have my son shown in the pictures I was easily able to tighten it up to fit his head and he is just a teen. He was being silly but he actually wanted to keep the light for himself and not even tell Dad we had it.

Make sure once you turn the light on you are NOT pointing it at anyone's eyes because the light is BRIGHT and I mean SUPER BRIGHT. You can see it coming from a long ways away! There is also a little light in the back of the head lamp so people can see you if your coming. The Flashing strobe light is pretty great today!

 There would be no way anyone would be able to miss you in an emergency type of event with that on. I would highly recommend this lamp not just for biking but also camping or hiking, It could really be used as an awesome piece of survival equipment.

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