Wednesday, February 18, 2015

#1 Professional Makeup Brush Set By TamiJade

I go through so many brushes in a year. I really don't even want to count because it would be like admitting how much money I have flushed down the toilet. I thought this was going to be one of those cases but I was using the excuse that I got the price at a discounted price in exchange of an honest and unbiased review to comfort me if they ended up being as terrible as the rest. After I thought about it I realized that is a horrible excuse because discount or not money is money and these puppies better be awesome.

Well this is actually one purchase I do not regret making. These are high quality make up brushes. When they say professional quality they are not just saying that for sales. They are so soft and applies your make up every single time. My favorite brush is absolutely the eyebrow brush. I have such a hard time finding an eyebrow brush that I like. I mean who the heck wants to walk around with funky eyebrows! The brush made it very easy for me to fill them in and not get them too thick or thin but just the way I like them.

I had no problems with shipping. They were shipped the same day I ordered and showed up in 2 days with Amazon Prime. I will definitely be purchasing from TamiJade Cosmetics again in the future seeing as though not only are their products great but so are the prices. I know anyone I would buy this set for would absolutely love it and I would highly recommend to anyone that was in need of a good quality set of makeup brushes. If you would love to own a set like this all you have to do is click HERE to place your order.

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