Wednesday, February 18, 2015

EEEK Bug Vacuum by OneKubedDESIGNS


Okay, this girl right here NOT a fan of insects. They are disgusting!  I don't like the flying kind or the kind that keep their little crawly butts on the ground. One kind I REALLY don't like is spiders! Yuck, no, and did I mention HECK NO! Whenever I see one of those creepy crawly nasty little things I call my husband or my oldest son right away.

I was a little hesitant to use the Bug Vacuum at first. I really don't even like looking at bugs. I then thought about it and knew I had to face the hard facts. What if one day my husband left me for another woman (or you know he was at work) and my son joined the carnival (hey it could happen) and a big fat hairy spider came out of nowhere! Who would save me then? 

Well I wanted to start slow (just in case) so I went hunting all over the house (while the men of the house were home of course) for a bug, took me forever to find one. When I did, my hands were shaking like an alcoholic who hadn't  had a drink for days but my inner strength took right over and I swooped that baby up with onequick like Ninja move.

I am honestly wondering why I never bought one sooner. It would have saved me from getting made fun of on almost a daily basis. I did receive this item for a discounted price but that in no way any shape or form effects my opinion of the product. All thoughts and opinions are based 100% on my own experiences with the product.If you would like to buy one of these so you never have to depend on someone to get that bug again go ahead and place your order right here.

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