Monday, February 23, 2015

No More Waiting All Month To Get Shot

Having Pernicious Anemia I am always looking for a good B12 supplement! I already have to have a shot every month to maintain my B12 levels and I find if I have a great B12 supplement daily it makes my life a little easier until its time again for my shot! Having issues  with B 12 STINKS! I am always tired and I have no energy to do anything at all!

I have been taking these daily just as directed on the bottle which is take one tablet daily preferably with a meal for a few weeks now and I have really had some great results with them. My fatigue has decreased, I am sleeping better at night, and I am even able to do a work out without feeling like I am going to pass out in 5 minutes. I have really had great results with these tablets and I will definitely continue taking them as long as they keep working for me.

I had no problems with shipping or delivery! I would definitely shop at Bestvitality in the future without hesitation! I received a discount on this product to provide an honest an unbiased review! A discount had zero effect on my review/rating! I expect all products to work the same if they were sold with a discount or full price!!!! If you would like to give these a try out for yourself all you need to do is click here and place your order on Amazon.

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