Thursday, February 5, 2015

Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil

I have heard so many great things about Tea Tree oil but never really had a chance to try this for myself.  I have psoriasis and I have tried a lot of pricey prescription drugs to try to combat it. Nothing worked. I thought while I had a chance to review this item I would see exactly how it worked on Psoriasis. While this does say it is oil I tried it alone and it absorbed nicely into my skin without any greasy residue.

I am not a fan of the smell so what I did was take some lotion I was already using for Psoriasis and added a couple drops of the tea tree oil. It literally stopped the itching right away. There was no burning or skin irritation at all after I applied it. With in a matter of days the redness started to clear up. 

I wanted to try out some other uses for the tea tree oil so I tried a few drops in an oil warmer to see how it worked with clearing up my stuffy nose that I had for about a month. With in minutes after it became warm I was able to breathe better. I was really impressed that it took MINUTES to cure something I had been fighting with for literally a month.

There are so many uses that I haven't got to try out yet that I am looking forward to trying. The few things I have tried have definitely made me a fan of this product.I would definitely recommend getting this product. It really is useful for just about everything and only takes a few drops at a time so this bottle is going to last a long long time. #AmazonReview

If you are interested in purchasing your own bottle of Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil you may do so by clicking the link below.

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