Friday, February 13, 2015

Digital Thermometer

I haven't had a digital thermometer in years. I have always been meaning to purchase one but always kept forgetting! I received this digital Cooking Thermometer in exchange for an honest and unbiased  opinion of the product. 

Customer service was amazing! They even emailed me to make sure I received the thermometer. The thermometer showed up very quickly and was exactly what I was expecting. Maybe even a little more.

The thermometer itself is very very lightweight. Which surprised me because I swear the last one I owned was at least ten lbs. Well maybe not ten lbs but it was very heavy with readings all over the place.
 I have been wanting one mainly for when I make candy! It is definitely a pain to just guess the right temperature when your making candy The readings are consistently accurate with this thermometer and its so simple to read because everything is digital so there is no guessing if you are at the right temperature.

My husband used this for grilling and he LOVED it! We have owned this for about a week now and I would say we have used it at least ten times with cooking, baking and grilling. This isn't one of those things where you may use once or twice and then shove in a drawer to never use again. You will use this A LOT!

This will allow you to get your meats done at the perfect time so there is no feeding your guests dry and overcooked meat or  raw potentially fatal meat. I would say that everyone NEEDS at least one of these in their kitchen.

If you would like to purchase your own digital thermometer for a great price all you have to do is click here and order.

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