Friday, February 20, 2015

Who says Fat Free Can't Taste Good

Having a house full of Dogs can get expensive! They are all different breed and they all have different tastes. Finding something they all love that they are all able to eat is virtually impossible. When I received an opportunity to review these Fat Free Dog Treats. I wasn't so sure about how popular they would be in my house. I mean it's really hard to find Fat Free human food that tastes good but I figured one of my dogs had to at least like them.


I was so shocked when I pulled them out and every one of my dogs came running! They were begging for me to give them treat after treat. After reading what the company had listed about their product I was actually shocked! Here is a little about what the company says their treats offer

Natural, Fat Free and Healthy Dog Treats (8 oz. and over 300 Treats)
Great For Dog Training: K9 Fat Free Dog Treats will help your dog LEARN while getting LEAN
Cholesterol and Sodium Free and Helps to Control Weight
Benefits Dental Health and Fresh Breath
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Your Dog Will Love The Treats Guaranteed. Re-sealable cellophane bag and Heart-shaped biscuit/cookie

There was no way my dogs were enjoying things that were actually good for them! I couldn't believe it but I have the pictures for proof! I would highly recommend these treats for anyone who loves their Furbabies as much as I love mine. If you would like to purchase your own bag of Natural Fat Free and Healthy Dog Treats you can do so here

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