Sunday, February 1, 2015

Deep Fried Pickles

   OMG  who would have thought. Taking a pickle and frying it would be so delicious. I first tasted these at a diner in my home town and knew that we were going to be friends for a very very long time. I have  made these quite a few times in the past but was excited to see while going through the other day that they had a recipe for ones with a beer batter. I have only made them with a simple deep fry batter so I am dying next weekend just to give it a try. 

You don't have to be a pickle lover either to enjoy these. I made these for my brother in law and he is an avid pickle HATER. I mean  he acts like he is going to die just looking at a pickle and he LOVED them. It is so hard not to eat these every single day of my existence because of how delicious these are. If you are watching fat intake these are probably going to be a once in the blue moon thing for you.

Here is how you do it

Ingredients! Batter - Flour, Eggs, Beer, Salt and Pepper 

And then........Strain your Pickles in a colander and heat Oil in a skillet. Dip the Pickles in the Batter... then place in the Oil for a couple minutes, place on a plate with some paper towels to drain excess oil, and then EAT

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