Saturday, February 14, 2015

Professional Curling Iron - Spiral Hair Curler - Curlz (Orange) by Xtava T

My daughter has to have every hair product ever known to man! When I received a chance to review this Spiral Hair Curler in exchange for an honest and unbiased review I was really excited because I knew she would love it.

The curling iron showed up with in two days and it arrived in stylish black box. The  Curling iron heated up in 5 minutes. We have had several of these types of curlers in the last few years and they have been so hard to use and take forever to figure out! This one was so simple I would say it tool maybe three tries to figure out what we were doing. My daughter ended up finishing her hair herself without my help.

There is a cool little plastic guard that actually prevents you from burning your finger tips when you curl... That is probably my favorite feature. The last curler I bought like this was a hundred dollars and came with this Michael Jackson Looking glove you had to put off and take off and didn't provide nearly as nice curls.

I am actually sad that my daughter seen this because this would have been a GREAT gift for her since her Birthday is coming up so now I have to find her something else for a surprise. Hopefully XTAVA keeps making awesome hair tools like this because I would be a fan for life.

I received this product in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. No promises of a good review were given only an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are based 100% on my own experiences with the products that I receive.

IF you would like to order your own  Professional Curling Iron you can do so by clicking here and placing an order.

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