Wednesday, February 25, 2015

SuperNova 300!!!!!!! Don't Be Caught Without One

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I first purchased this lamp thinking that it would be good to set aside and put in our Emergency Bucket! After getting it and opening the box I was a little set back about how small it was! I really thought to myself! This thing isn't going to be able to put out much light at all! Anyways later on that day I went and bought 3 D size batteries came home and tried it out! Taking the bottom off was really simple and I had the batteries inserted in seconds and ready to go! There are arrows on the battery cover to show you how to take it off and put it back on to make it easy,

So here comes the part that I thought I was going to be unimpressed with! How bright does the light work! Since its not camping season at the moment I tested this out in my kitchen! I turned all lights off in my house and turned it on! Wow my whole opinion instantly changed! It instantly lit up not only my kitchen but my entire living room and bathroom which are the next two rooms in my house! This has to beat any flashlight we had in out Emergency Bucket by far.

There are some warnings that come with the flashlight. For example Do not look directly at the light and Don't let your your young children play with it without Adult Supervision. Common sense stuff! I had no problems at all with my order being shipped or delivered on time! Would I buy from Intervine Consulting, Inc. Heck Yea! This is one of my best preparation purchases by far!

I did receive the SuperNova 300 at a discount in order to provide and honest and unbiased review. With that being said it has no sway over my review/ratings. I expect anything I purchase with a discount to work just as if I had purchased it without. 
If you would like to purchase the SuperNova 300 so that you never stuck without light you can head on over to Amazon and purchase it here.


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