Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Silicone Ice Ball Makers By Siliconia

These are the first silicone ice ball makers I have ever tried. I received an opportunity to review these in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion and thought these looked super cool. I was really excited when they showed up at my house quicker than what I was told they were going to show up. They came in a cute little box and all the pieces were there.

The ice ball makers are made out of a high quality durable silicone. They are easy to fill, put together and take apart. I also just throw mine in the dish washer for easy clean up.

If you use boiling hot water it tends to make the ice balls more transparent but make sure your really careful and don't splash it on your hands while pouring. My favorite thing to do with them however was to fill them up with orange juice and lime and let them freeze and throw in some water. It was delicious. I also used just fruit and threw different types of fruit in the molds with some water and let them freeze and then put the molds in a pitcher of water. This made the water very refreshing.

For my first experience with ice ball molds I was 100% satisfied and would recommend to anyone. If you would like to try these out all you need to do is click here to order.

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