Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Reveiw #1 Liver Support and Detox

A few years ago I had to have liver surgery. They put in stents to reduce swelling in my liver after having a bad reaction to some prescription medicine. I have had a lot of problems since. Bloating, fatigue, pain, you name it. I have had it.

 I seen these and thought that I would try it not really expecting too much from it since I already take my vitamins. These pills are not too large and I was easily able to swallow them. They had no aftertaste at all. No strange side effects either. 

It took about two weeks to notice ANY change what so ever. After two weeks I could feel that I was slowly becoming less and less bloated. I wasn't having near as much pain in my abdomen, and I was feeling more energized. I would say these pills would be perfect for just about anyone really. Honestly who doesn't need a good detox! 

I received this product for review purposes to give an honest an unbiased opinion. All thoughts and experiences given here are solely my own.

If you would like to give the #1 Liver Support and Detox pills a try all you need to do is click the link below and order yours.

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