Wednesday, February 18, 2015

AMAZINGGGGGGGG Xtava Rimini 1800W Iconic Hair Dryer Blue With Diffuser

I have a teenage daughter she ABSOLUTELY loves hair stuff. It doesn't matter what it is! I actually just purchased another hair dryer a week and a half ago so I thought I may actually get to keep this one. However, that was NOT the case! When this arrived she knew that it had something to do with hair because I have ordered some XTAVA products before! My mistake was actually opening the package in front of her. I tried to play it off like hey I need to review this item so I really need to be the first one to try it. I actually did receive this at a discounted price in exchange of an honest and unbiased review. So I really wasn't telling a lie. So What does she say? Well you can test it out on me!!! Ya ya ya! I am a nice loving mother so I did.

Just picking up the hair dryer it is so light weight compared to other hair dryers. Okay it was so light weight it had me wondering if it was even going to hold enough power to dry hair well. That was not the case! My daughters hair is really thick and her hair was completely dry in 10 minutes. I was almost as impressed as she was.

This was my first time using a hair dryer with a diffuser outside of the salon. Talk about AMAZING it literally took all the frizz out her hair (and mine too which is darn near impossible)  The XTAVA Rimini 1800 Iconic Hair Dryer left both our hair which is totally different lengths and textures soft, shiny, and smooth.

The hairdryer arrived in a nice big black box. Was delivered on time and really couldn't have asked for a better outcome with a purchase. I ended up getting something both me and my daughter will love and fight over every single day. If you would like a chance to buy your own at a great price all you need to do is click here and place your order.

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